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  • Positioning, corporate branding, corporate identity
  • Leadership communication
  • Issue and crisis communication
  • Corporate social responsibility and project development
  • Sponsorship management
  • Customer relations management
  • Internal communication
Public Relations
  • Event management
  • Content production (brochures, catalogues, special project files, introduction movies, e-bulletins, speech and presentation texts, press releases, press packs, web content)
Media relations
  • Sending out press releases, special interviews, advertorials, media events, press tours, media monitoring
Lobbying / Networking Measuring and reporting
Style Advisory


Pınar has been with Redevco and later on Qubicon since its earliest stage of its operations in Turkey and has been playing a crucial role in shaping the image of the company ever since. Pınar is a natural talent in networking and has a great feeling for how to create and manage a corporate, institutional image. Pınar's personal, hands-on involvement and seamless endless enthusiasm and optimism certainly made the difference. I would recommend Pınar to any organization that takes its image and public relations seriously. Pınar is not only a highly committed, reliable and professional person, she is a great person to work with and in general it's great to have her around with her positivistic stance.
Patrick van Dooyeweert
Managing Partner, QUBICON / Former Managing Director of REDEVCO Turkey

This is something I usually do not provide, but I am in this case happy to state that Pınar has been an enthusiastic and capable PR and event manager, very cooperative and contributing to our business results by showing a positive and optimistic attitude during her Redevco period.
Jaap Blokhuis
CEO of MULTI Corporation, Former CEO of REDEVCO

Chief HR officer comments in the name of REDEVCO and its Service office in Amsterdam: "Pınar has worked for a number of years for our company, Redevco, in Turkey as Corporate Communications / Marketing Manager. She has much been appreciated by her colleagues in the international arena for her responsiveness, local knowledge and PR acumen. She is support and action orientated and you can rely on her, which is important when working from a distance and one does not meet every day in the office".
Judith Drogue
Chief HR Officer, REDEVCO

I know Pinar since 6 years while she was working for Redevco as the Manager of Corporate Relations and Marketing Department. Then I was the CEO of Renaissance Real Estate Investment Company.
She has taken a a very succesful and active role in the organisation of the ICSC Marketing Conference which was held in Istanbul on April 6-8 , 2011 as the Leader of the Local Host Committee. I was very much impressed with her professionalism and dedication during the conference as I was also one of the speakers in the Conference. She was also very actively taking part in the monthly meetings of the AMPD (Association of Shopping Centers and Retailers) where I was the Vice Chairman, Board Member and the President of the Shopping Centers Division inviting the Shopping Center managers and investors for round table discussions.
Therefore I had a chance to work in collaboration with this enchanted lady who has to power and energy to lead the industry if she were given a chance to do so. I trust and respect her very much and appreciate her career highly which was full of challenges which were very successfully undertaken and accomplished.
I wish her all best and a very successful and prosperous professional life with her new challenge i.e to start and run her own consultancy company.
Kind regards,
Zafer Baysal

I know Pınar as a dedicated and committed person in all areas in her life. For all that she never not forgets to spread optimism.
I know she will pursue with her professional approach and add value to the market.
Şenay Azak Matt

I met Pınar Saklıyan Koçali several times during the time I worked for REDEVCO for the art-decoration in the shopping malls in Ankara, Erzurum and Manisa between 2008 and 2012.
I would like to say that Pınar is a wonderful and accurate person as well as a very representative and always beautiful looking person. It is obvious that she has done some work for it, but the way she does it is great.
She is one of the few people who always answer emails, calls or whatever - a real quality of her.
I really wish her all the best for her future career.
Hanny Raessens
Atelier Mooi

I was introduced to Pınar at the ICSC Marketing Conference which was held on April 6-8th, 2011 in Istanbul.
ICSC had established a "Local Committee" in order to support the activities staged as part of the conference, and four people engaged in the sector were invited to the committee to work as volunteers.
Under the presidency of Pınar, we met as the Committee in September 2010 for the first time and held seven meetings between then and March 2011, and corresponded many times.
During that time I got a chance to know Pınar more closely and I discovered a lot of positive characteristics in her; some of them which come to mind are her warm and sincere personality, her professional manner, her respect and understanding of our ideas, her positive energy, her attention to the correspondences made on behalf of ICSC Committee members, her sharing the answers with us and her positive attitude.
As a result of the mutual respect and affection between us, we have kept in touch with Pınar even after the work of the Committee finished. I'm really glad to know Pınar.
Ülker Melek
Marketing Adviser Shopping Mall Administration

Unfortunately, I did not have a long-term business relationship with Pınar, but I would have liked to. I always appreciate that she keeps her distance but also build a discreet relationship with everyone and she has succeeded in maintaining those relationships with a positive attitude under any condition. I have deep faith that Pınar will be successful by combining her business environment with real market experiences in her future career. I wish her great success.
Güniz Çelen MAI, CRE, FRICS


Examples from the latest projects that I have managed and carried out before working as an independent consultant.

Project Image
QUBICON Corporate Identity
Project Image
Magnesia SC Brand Identity
Project Image
QUBICON Web Site and Intranet
Project Image
REDEVCO Turkey Commemorative Book
Project Image
Project Flyers of QUBICON
Project Image
Leasing Brochures of REDEVCO Projects
Project Image
Erzurum SC Press Gathering and Construction Site Visit
Project Image
Gordion SC Press Gathering and Construction Site Visit
Project Image
Erzurum SC Groundbreaking Ceremony
Project Image
QUBICON Courtyard Sponsorship at Retail Days
Project Image
Opening of Music Atelier in Antalya, REDEVCO Turkey CSR Project
Project Image
Leadership at ICSC's Marketing Conference Local Host Committee
Project Image
Participating in MAPIC Trade Fair in Cannes


Pınar graduated the highest ranking student from Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University, Faculty of Science and Letters, Sociology Department in 2001, and then studied for a master's degree in Politics and Social Sciences at Marmara University, Institute of Social Sciences, Public Administration in French. Pınar began her professional career in 2002 at Atlas Copco which is a world leading provider of industrial productivity solutions, based in Sweden. Between 2003 – 2005, she worked as Communication Coordinator at a Dutch based international fair and congress organizer RAI Group's Turkish partner NTSR International Fair & Congress Organization. In 2006, she worked as Communication Coordinator in Depo Publishing Company, serving well-known newspapers and magazines focused on the architecture and real estate sectors in Turkey. After this position, Pınar continued her career at Vektor Real Estate Investment and Development, an international company established in Istanbul to develop residential projects in Turkey, by managing PR and Marketing Department of the company. After completing the launch of Vektor's Crystal Park residential project in 2007, Pınar started working for REDEVCO, a Dutch based international real estate investment and development company, and between the years 2007 – 2012, she managed the Corporate Communications and Marketing Department of REDEVCO's Turkey Office. In 2012, REDEVCO decided to sell its entire Turkish portfolio to BLACKSTONE Group, which is a USA based premier global investment and consulting company. Correspondingly, Pınar continued to work in the same position for QUBICON Real Estate Investment, which is established and owned by BLACKSTONE, to manage the real estate investment activities of BLACKSTONE in Turkey. In February 2014, Pınar's position changed to independent consultant of QUBICON, and she started to provide consultancy service not only to the company, but also to the market.

Pınar Saklıyan Koçali has certificates for "Global School For Professional Development - Management & Marketing & Leasing Level 1 and Level 2" which were given by ICSC (International Council of Shopping Centers) and AMPD (Turkish Council of Shopping Centers and Retailers).

Pınar took an active role in the Program Committee of ICSC's European Marketing Conferences between 2010 and 2012. The European Marketing Conference was held in Istanbul on April 6-8, 2011, and Pınar was the leader of the Local Host Committee assigned by ICSC to provide consultancy and take responsibility for the event management as a local voluntary partner.

In addition to ICSC, Pınar has been contributing to some Turkish industrial associations' conferences and events as a member of their sub committees.

Besides her professional activities in the field of communications, Pınar continues her musical performances as the vocalist of "Vintage Istanbul" music band. She has also written some lyrics and compositions.

Pınar has contributed to publications in Turkey, as well. Her lecture notes of "contemporary sociological theories" lessons given by Prof. Ali Akay at Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University were published by Bağlam Publishing House in 2002 under the title "Capitalism and Pop Culture". She had a key role in editing three volumes titled "Evidence to the Academy; Looks at the Academy of Fine Arts" published by Bağlam Publishing House in 2003. Pınar retranslated Ferenc Molnar's famous children's novel "The Paul Street Boys" and her translation was published by Epsilon Publishing Company in 2004.

Having started in 2012 and completed at the beginning of 2014, Pınar participated in the project team of "real estate glossary of terms" which was prepared to meet a need of the real estate industry. She oversaw the design, editing, printing, as well as distribution and launching steps of the book.

Pınar is closely interested in fashion. However, not abandoning herself to this topic, she is dedicated to researching and developing "self-reliant and individual presentation skills" in business life. With this practice, she is going to add the title of "style consultant" to her current professional career.

Pınar is married with one child.


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